One-Off Message


This is a One-Off Message giving details of my new CD, Gorgeous, and how to get it.

With lovely artwork from New Jersey’s Jill Caporlingua and musical contributions from Toronto’s Gare Black, Alfred Gertler, Michael Rosenthal and David French, I’ve finally put together a collection of 12 new recordings of my most popular compositions from the years 1986-1996.

This project was partly undertaken so that decent recordings would exist of songs like Gorgeous, In the Future, So Hard and Vegeburgers. I’ve also taken out what I thought were unnecessary complications in the songs, changed a few keys and performed and recorded them 2013-style. There are still plenty of rough edges though, and absolutely no autotuning.

To buy Gorgeous from me with paypal click here.

To download it from itunes click here.

I recommend getting the CD itself, which I think exemplifies its title. It can be sent to a loved one of yours in time for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the music.


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