Upcoming Gigs

Warm and Normal is Back! - Songs from 1992/3 performed by an eclectic bunch of East Anglian folk and rock musicians. Cover by Colin Ward. For full credits and access to bonus items see Bandcamp page… Read More
The Art of Everyday Anarchy - In Sophie Scott-Brown’s excellent, well-researched and insightful biography of Colin Ward, one of Britain’s most interesting alternative thinkers of the twentieth century, the reader can find an in-depth analysis of the various stages and evolution of my dad’s work and life. There are criticisms, some valid and others which I’m not really qualified to offer an opinion on, and there are typographical and factual errors, but these are minor weaknesses in a discourse which never fails to clarify and offer explanations for what Colin Ward did, and appreciates his contribution to positive changes in the way people can potentially live… Read More
Stepping Stones - I’ve got a new album. It’s pretty much a one man show, but with a few crucial contributions to playing, writing and arranging.… Read More
A Place Like This (remastered) - A Place Like This – the title track describes the UK’s 2025 City of Culture, which wasn’t very cultural when I lived there! – is a group of tracks, most of which are collaborations with Mike Pierce-Goulding, who co-wrote eight of the songs, recorded and mixed seven of them and whose skills on keyboards, guitar, composing and arranging are especially prominent on five. It was mainly recorded in 2000-2, with three tracks newly put down in 2019. I have remastered the whole project and I hope it is more playable now than it was previously.… Read More
The Benefits of Incapacity - Some recollections have popped up relating to Kill or Cure, a CD I put together in 2007-8, which I thought I would share. In the summer of 2006 many people I knew were either turning forty or getting married. I had been a grateful recipient of Gordon Brown’s government’s Incapacity Benefit for two years. I was getting migraines for as many as five days a week. Sometimes these came with a rash. I rang NHS Direct (the helpline of the UK’s National Health Service) once and they thought I had leukaemia. On another occasion I had to get off the… Read More
Goin’ Viral - A new song built on the foundations of an old one. The current world health crisis can’t be described as inspiring but for those of us fortunate to be safe and healthy it has afforded the opportunity to sort through the cupboards and rearrange the furniture…… Read More
All the Same - Based on a riff by Mike Pierce-Goulding.… Read More
Colin Ward: A Most Resourceful Man - Colin Ward by Harriet Ward: When I met Colin in the mid-1960s we were both at a turning-point. After 12 years as an architectural draughtsman – interrupted by his Army service – Colin wanted more spare time to write and solicit other contributions for the journal Anarchy he then edited. I had been widowed with two small children and could not return to my previous Civil Service job. For both of us, teaching was the obvious answer, and that’s how we came to meet on a one-year training course geared towards the varied sector of Further Education. Colin had left… Read More
Gorgeous CD Party - We’re having a bash in the back room of the Cameron House, 408 Queen St West, Toronto, on Saturday October 3rd at 9pm and calling it the Gorgeous CD Party. I’ll be accompanied by James Rohr (lead guitar) and Jared Craig (double bass) and there’ll be entertaining sets from the eclectic songwriter Gare Black + dazzling guitarist Greg Tunis and the excellent singer Annette Shaffer and her friend Bob Cohen. It’s $10 to get in and you will receive a free CD. If you already have ‘Gorgeous’, you can have one of the other ones instead. 9:00: doors open 9:15-9:45:… Read More