Daylight Dog (Oli Arditi, Dale Devereaux-Barker, Ben Ward aka Ben Walker)
After an 11-year gap, Daylight Dog reunited at a private party on a Suffolk farm to play 7 songs from ‘Kill or Cure’ on Bank Holiday Monday August 25th 2008.

Ben Walker (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Oli Arditi (bass guitar, upright bass) and Dale Devereux-Barker (drums) last played together at The Earl Roberts, Ipswich, Suffolk on November 9, 1997.

Daylight Dog began as a duo consisting of Ben and Dan Simmons in 1989, recording cassette albums such as ‘Defence Cuts’ (1990) and ‘Warm and Normal’ (1993), the latter featuring drummer Dale.

When Simmons’ interest waned, Ben continued to use the name while recording, until he, Dale and Oli got together in 1996, playing funky rock originals as well as some classic covers.

During the time the trio played together in the mid-90s, they never did any recording but in 2007 Oli, Dale and Ben recorded 2 tracks for Ben’s ‘Kill or Cure’ at a session in Bury St Edmunds.