Rinkadon (Richard Ormrod)
Unit of Resistance is a free jazz trio. At a recent performance, without any provocation or suggestion other than what I was hearing and my own imagination, I was in the mind of a heroin addict, then experiencing a menstrual cycle, then witnessing the terrible excitement of a class full of 4-year-olds on their first day at school and lastly at a National Conference on Autism. It was invigorating to move from one headspace to another, purely because of 3 guys interacting with their instruments and each other.

Rinkuni Monadon played alto clarinet, tenor saxophone, sometimes just their mouthpieces, sometimes just the air. Paul Moore played upright bass spontaneously and got ‘outside the music’. Paul Hessian on drumkit was the foundation of the mood changes mentioned above.

One thing which I enjoy about these gigs is their simplicity and directness. It’s just about the room, the audience and the music, but without the stuffiness of a jazz club, the anonymity of a concert hall or the disrespect of a pub venue. Except that this was jazz, it felt like a concert and it took place on the premises of a pub.