I’ve selected some songs which have been popular with listeners over the years, I’ve assembled a basic home studio and I’ve been making demos of them in preparation for some sessions in a bigger studio with appropriate musicians later this year or early in the next. The song Gorgeous will be included.

The songs were written between 1989 and 1996 and include some of the funky tunes which have enjoyed a new lease of life at the ‘Ben and Gary’s Ice Cream Band’ gigs in Toronto, as well as some real old chestnuts. These gigs, along with some fragmented recording sessions in 2009/10 with Dan Simmons have yielded some new arrangements which bring the songs up-to-date with where our heads are at now.

10 years ago a friend made a compilation of what he thought were my best old songs and put it up on the now-defunct MP3.com. Pretty soon I hope to present my own – and some listeners’ – favourites, on 1 CD, for the first time.

Ben Walker Gorgeous

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