Astroturf (painting: Yellow Amoeba by Jill Caporlingua)

Astroturf is out today!

My previous release, ‘Gorgeous’, was a collection of new versions of old songs. ‘Astroturf’ is a selection of ORIGINAL recordings of compositions from the late 1990s

They are mainly dance-related tunes utilizing keyboards and sequencers, completely different from the kind of music I’m doing now.

The first five tunes were recorded in December 1996 and comprised half of a cassette I made at the time entitled The Novelty Age. They were pre-existing songs that were modified to suit the recording environment I was working in.

The last five tunes were recorded in July 1998 and formed half of a cassette called The Higher the Fewer. These were compositions which came from experimenting with an ensonics keyboard with a built-in sequencer. The words and song structure came last.

Four of the arrangements are by my friend Daniel Simmons and one of the songs, ‘The Opener, is a co-composition with him.

The tracks were remastered by Pete Farman. The cover painting is ‘Yellow Amoeba’ by Jill Caporlingua, and is used with her kind permission.

Astroturf is available only in download format from bandcamp for 10 CAD and is dedicated to the memories of Michael Jackson and Prince.

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